About Us

Like a lot of people I've been through a lot of ups and downs in my life.  From losing my job twice to taking a huge paycut to starting my entrepreneurial journey. Life is just plain hard sometimes but there are a lot of positive and motivating people out there.  A lot of people that can make your day better and can help you start a new path.  

I post motivating and inspiring photos on Facebook and Instagram all the time and I always hear how my posts help people get through a difficult situation.  I started thinking that I could put some of these quotes on shirts to motivate people as you pass them in the store or wherever.  

My hope is that these shirts bring inspiration and hope to people going through a hard time.  As seen on the giving tab 5% of all revenue will be going to help people through some awesome charities.  

Thank you so much for visiting Inspire Greatness.  We hope you enjoy your inspiring shirts!!!


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